Indori Poha

Poha is breakfast for all. Be it rich , be it poor. You will find it in every household and every state. This breakfast keeps changes it’s companions as well as spices as per region.

Maharashtrians love their Poha as Kanda Poha, Gujaratis love their Poha simple, as it is. People from MP and Rajasthan loves their Poha with raw onion salad, spice called Jeeravan, Namkeen and Jalebis.

Anyone who has ever had Poha in Indore would never ever forget taste of Indori Poha. Spicy, sweet and tangy. Loads of onions, coriander, green chilies, Jeeravan and Namkeens. Mmmmm! Feel like making it right now. *drooling* *drooling*

Ohk ohk I know  you all are waiting me to write down the recipe. So let’s go to the part.


Flattened Rice Flakes (Poha) – 2 cup

Water- as per need

Turmeric- 1/2 tablespoon

salt – as per taste

sugar-2 tablespoon

oil- 1 tablespoon

onions- 1 cup finely chopped

Green chili- 1 chopped

Curry leaves- few leaves

Peas- 1/4 cup


Onions- finely chopped

Coriander- chopped thinly

Jeeravan – as per taste

Namkeen- as per taste


Wash Poha two-three times under running water in vessel.

Remove excess water from the vessel. There should not be water in vessel.

Sprinkle sugar, Turmeric and salt on the Poha that we have left in vessel.

Now put a pan on gas top and add 1 tablespoon oil. As oil heats add mustard seeds and as they crackle add asfotedia, curry leaves, chilis, Peas and onions.

Saute onions and chilis for a while and add Poha into it.

Mix lightly or else it will turn into mash. Turn the knob to medium flame and cover Poha with a lid for while.

After few minutes turn off the gas and serve Poha in a plate.

Take Poha in plate and sprinkle Jeeravan on it. If you want spicy then add more Jeeravan or else bit would do. Add onions and Namkeen on top and garnish with coiander. Serve Hot.

Jalebi would be a greater companion with Hot Poha.




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