Sprouts Toast


Yes friends, I know it very well that it is damn tough to loose post baby fat. as am dealing with it, I’m on not so strict diet as suggested by doctor. I am advised by him to avoid junk food. That’s all but I have prepared my own set of diet chart and trying my best to follow it.

Being foodie diet becomes the most struggling task for me. but this time I have fastened the seat-belts and going to reach destination at any cost.

I keep adding taste to healthy yet tasty food. On my blog you would find most of recipes devoid of oil, cheese or extra calories. I just love sandwiches and toast. So, today I have come up with Healthy yet damn tasty Sprouts Toast.


Brown Bread : 4 slices

Sprouts: 1 cup

tomato: cut into small pieces 1 cup

onions: cut into small pieces 1 cup

Capsicum : cut into small pieces 1 cup

Carrot: cut into small pieces 1 cup

Mayonnaise- 2 tablespoons

Tomato sauce- 2 tablespoons

salt as per taste


Mix tomato, onion , carrot, capsicum cut in small pieces into sprouts and add salt as per taste.

Mix mayonnaise and tomato sauce in this mixture.

Apply on brown bread.

Place them on grill in bati oven on medium flame.

After 5-7 minutes take out and serve hot with sauce.

You can also sprinkle garlic powder.

if not diet conscious then add shredded cheese.13173146_1012935022077209_619128776828115838_o


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