Indori Sandwich

Indore is famous for it’s tasty and spicy food. Different dishes and different places like Sarafa bazaar, Chappan Dukan and etc  to have yummilicious food.

Being Indori bahu I love to have spicy and yummy food. Jeeravan, a spice mix sprinkled on different dishes to enhance their taste.

Here I present my own variant of sandwich. Indori Sandwich. The Indori ingredients present in the sandwich are  bhujiya Sev and Jeeravan.

Makes 4 Sandwich


Brown Bread- 8 slices

Mayonnaise-  2 tablespoon

Tomato Catch-up – 2 tablespoon

Onions – thinly sliced

Capsicum- thinly sliced

tomatoes- thinly sliced

Bikaneri Bhujiya/ Aloo Bhujiya- 1 cup



Take 4 slices of bread and spread Mayonnaise on them.


Arrange onion slices. Sprinkle some Jeeravan. Arrange Tomato slices. Sprinkle Jeeravan. Arrange Capsicum Slices.


Fill the shallow space of capsicum with bhujiya.


Spread tomato catch up on remaining slices of bread. I have placed them in such way for presentation. place them in a way that sauce remains inside. Place them on sandwich.



Grill them in  sandwich maker or on Tawa.


Serve hot with Tomato sauce and mint chutney accompanied by hot tea.



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