Overloaded Mango Magic

Hi all, hope you are battling well with this horrible summer.

Mango the ultimate fruit of Summer. only reason to love summer. Mango goes well with everything. Chapatis, thalis, desserts and much more.

Today am presenting my favorite recipe. Overloaded Mango Magic.

Servings: For 2


2 Alphonso Mango ( one cubed in small pieces and another one in bigger pieces.)

Milk- 1 glass

Sugar/Honey- 2 tablespoon

Ice cream- Mango Ice cream is preferable or else Vanilla

Ice cubes.


Take bigger cubes of Mango in blender and blend till pureed.

Pour one glass of milk, Sugar/Honey, Ice cubes and blend well.

Take a glass or mason jar. Place small cubes of Mango first. Then pour the shake in glass/jar. Top with the ice cream and serve chilled.

Your family and guests will surely love it.


1.I have added honey to make it healthy and used cow milk to make the recipe low fat.

2. Quantity of sugar can be adjusted as per your preference.





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