Overloaded Mango Magic

Hi all, hope you are battling well with this horrible summer.

Mango the ultimate fruit of Summer. only reason to love summer. Mango goes well with everything. Chapatis, thalis, desserts and much more.

Today am presenting my favorite recipe. Overloaded Mango Magic.

Servings: For 2


2 Alphonso Mango ( one cubed in small pieces and another one in bigger pieces.)

Milk- 1 glass

Sugar/Honey- 2 tablespoon

Ice cream- Mango Ice cream is preferable or else Vanilla

Ice cubes.


Take bigger cubes of Mango in blender and blend till pureed.

Pour one glass of milk, Sugar/Honey, Ice cubes and blend well.

Take a glass or mason jar. Place small cubes of Mango first. Then pour the shake in glass/jar. Top with the ice cream and serve chilled.

Your family and guests will surely love it.


1.I have added honey to make it healthy and used cow milk to make the recipe low fat.

2. Quantity of sugar can be adjusted as per your preference.





Naturals Style Coconut Ice cream

Everyone loves Ice cream and one doesn’t need particular season to enjoy this awesome creation of humankind.  Ice cream comes in different flavor and with passing of time new inventions are done in this tasty field.  Among thousands flavors my favorite is Coconut Ice cream. Especially Naturals Tender Coconut Ice cream. Being lazy yet foodie soul I hated going out to enjoy it so I thought to give it a try at home and bingo! it turned out really awesome.

Here is the recipe step by step but don’t have pictures at present. Will surely put next time I make this Ice cream.


Half liter Milk (you can use any milk, I used cow milk) 
2 cups Tender Coconut pureed in grinder.( you can also grate it if u wish)
Sugar  or honey as per sweetness required ( I have used honey)


Boil the milk on medium flame till it is reduced to half.

Let it cool completely.

Add pureed Coconut, sugar/honey and Milk in blender.

Pour in air tight container and place it in refrigerator.

After 3-4 hours take out container and churn ice cream again. This will reduce ice crystals and make it smooth.

Let it stay overnight in refrigerator.
Bingo! Here comes yummy Coconut Ice cream.

It tastes same as Naturals Coconut flavor. Till today I bought this Ice cream but my recipe has turned out so yummy that I would never ever buy it again.

Bread Locho

Hello all, This is my first post in my food blog. Being Gujarati by birth, my love for gujarati food is unmeasured and incomparable. Being wife of software engineer and mommy of  little angel, Jisha it becomes tough for me to get time for cooking food. Yet, I get time to cook and experiment few dishes from available ingredients in my kitchen. Being a lazy girl I love dishes that are made easily and tastes yummy.

Here goes my first recipe of Bread Locho, inspired by famous Gujarati Surti item Locho. I have replaced Chana daal with bread. and actual recipe needs 7-8 hours and this one is instant one.

servings: serves two


Brown Bread-4 pieces

Curd-2 cups

Turmeric- 1/8 tablespoon

Red paprika-1/8 tablespoon

Salt-as per taste

For Tempering:

Onion-finely chopped 1/2 cup

Mustard-1/8 tablespoon

Asfatedia-1/4 tablesppon

Curry leaves- 10 to 12 leaves

Oil-1 tablespoon

Green chili- 1-2 (optional)

For Garnishing:

Coriander and nylon sev


First of all cut bread in small pieces.

Mix turmeric, salt and red paprika in curd.


Add pieces of bread in curd and each and every piece must be coated with curd very well.


leave it aside for few minutes.

Till then place nonstick pan on stove and add oil.

As the oil heats , add mustard seeds and asfatedia.


Add curry leaves as mustard seeds starts crackling and after a while add onions and saute them. (Here in pics I forgot to add so I saute them separately)

As onions turn brown, add the bread mixture and saute on high and occasionally medium till the bread turns brownish in color.



Take out the mixture in plate. Garnish with Nylon sev and coriander. You can also add mint chutney and tamarind chutney with some curd.


Tadaa! your instant calorie free sinful Locha is ready to eat. Serve hot.

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